Whatsapp Spy Software – Here’s How To Get Started

Does your husband/wife kept your hands off with their mobile gadgets? Then not rely on chances anymore just to get hold on their cell phones. Make the spy cell phone mission much smarter and strategic without letting others suspect you of snooping around.


No need to use tapping instruments or hire a secret agent. It’s all just between you and the whatsapp spy software tool.


WhatsApp spy software is an application tool that can be installed into various mobile units that are internet connected. It works by gathering, invading, and accessing the system of the device including listening on conversations.  The data collected will be sent on a specific server where a software subscriber can constantly check on to.  It’s safe, much secretive and distance would not become a barrier for spying.


Spy On Whatsapp: Here’s How To Do It

Whatsapp spy software is not a complex program that deals with technical installation procedures.  What it only involves is the registration and payment agreement which is only a one time purchase.  Going over the product site will explain the step by step process of acquiring the software tool.  When obligations are already complied, consumers can have the detailed guide (with matching pictures) on how to begin the installation.


The tapping tool can be fully appreciated when a user opens the server of compiled information.  In that particular compartment of the software is where the details of a monitored mobile unit are sent.  By logging on into the product site, it immediately provides the essential data that a subscriber wanted.  Files supplied are all coming from mobile phone transactions and activities which namely are:


  • Calling transactions both received and made as well as the time and date of occurrence, duration, and frequency.
  • Text messages received, sent, saved and deleted.
  • E-mails content received, made, deleted, and drafted including the sender information.
  • Audio copy of call conversations recently made or currently done.
  • Photos and images on the mobile phone albums.
  • Videos taken and recorded using the mobile device.
  • Map locations with the exact position coordinates with the aid of Google maps and GPS tracking.


Whatsapp is the most popular mobile messaging app in the world with millions of people using it on daily basis. It is very important for parents to learn about whatsapp spy software because now a days all kids are giving so much of their time in social media and mobile messaging app and talking with strangers. For better parenting every parents should use mobile phone spy software. There are lot of cell phone spy software available in market which can be used for monitoring on Whatsapp and other social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Viber, Wechat, etc.


Before reviewing the best spyware for you I would like to give some reasons that why parent should monitor their child online activity. Here are some of the facts as seen in recent study:-


  • 73% of parents do not think that their kid can get into serious trouble online.
  • 47% of kids said that they would change their online activity if they knew that their parents were paying attention.
  • 45% of children has replied to online messages sent by strangers.
  • 20% of teens have been reported taking drugs at or before age of 16.
  • More than 90% of parents do not know about their child behavior online.
  • 40% of teens are spending more time on Whatsapp, Snapchat, Vine, Viber, etc. 25% of kids left Facebook and spending more time on other social media.
  • 1 in 5 children has been sexually solicited.


Top 5 WhatsApp Monitoring Software 

There are so many whatsapp spy software or whatsapp hack application available now a days that make it different to choose best among them. I have selected best five software according to popularity.                      

1.SpyBubble  :     

It is most popular mobile spy software commonly used for spying on whatsapp messages. It has 135000 searches per month in Google search engine which is approximately double than other competitor which i will discuss later. Apart from spying on whatsapp messages it can also perform all monitoring task such as monotoring phone calls, text messages, social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Some notable features of this software includes spy on calls, spy on text messages, track GPS location, read emails, spy on instant messenger like whatsapp, BBM, view multimedia files, monitor internet activities, view contacts and calender activities, remotely control their phone, etc.

Compatibility  - It supports all latest mobile operating systems like Android, IOS,                                                 Blackberry, etc.

Pricing - $49.95 – $84.90 USD

Visit their website

2 . MSpyMspy is Second most popular mobile spy software after SpyBubble, it has arounf 90,000 searches per month in Google search engine. I has almost all features as compared to its competitor including one additional features of know as “record surroundings”. With the help of this new feature you can silently record the surrounding audio from your child mobile device, this is one of the most powerful feature out there in mobile monitoring technology.

Additional features of this software includes whatsapp spying, Skype message monitoring, Viber monitoring, cell phone call monitoring, etc.

Compatibility – Android devices and tablets, iphone, ipad, Blackberry, etc.

Pricing – 40 USD – 200 USD

Visit their website

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