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Spy Phone Apps For Android, iPhone & Blackberry

Spy Phone Apps now becomes one of the most popular software among the cell phone users, especially for people who are interested in monitoring their children or mate in order to prevent the unknown problem. There are a lot of spy phone App in the market today for Android, iPhone and Blackberry, various features offered makes a difficult choice for those who who want to use this program.


Spy phone app is designed to monitor the target phone. The targets are usually the children, teenager, mate, or employees who are suspected of leaking the company secret or partner who cheats.


Spy Phone App Features:-


  • Record the conversation on the target phone
  • View all conversation in Whatsapp, Viber, Line, Skype, Facebook, Kik etc.
  • Listen to the ongoing conversation on the target phone
  • Know the phone location through GPS
  • Call log on target phone
  • Incoming and outgoing text message on the target phone
  • Record and see the multimedia content like video and photo on the target phone
  • Turning the microphone on and record the ongoing conversation around the target cellphone


For whom is Spy Phone App created?

Spy app is particularly not developed for misusing. therefore, you should not use it on any people because you can be punished for committing illegal acts. This software is only for people who have the following objectives:


Spy Phone App For Kids :- As a parent, you must concern if your child fall to the bad behavior, so it is necessary for parents to monitor their children activities, especially for teenager, and ensure that they are in a safe condition and not involved with something bad.


Spy Phone App For Monitoring Your Mate:- You might want to ensure that your mate does not do any fraudulent activities, so this program is the proper tool to ensure your mate honest in the right way. You can also use it to ensure that your mate is in a safe condition and does not get in any trouble.


Spy Phone App For Monitoring Your Employees:- For those who want to monitor their employees whether they divulge the company secrets or do not work correctly, you can use this program to track your employees on office hours, so the company productivity will be safe and continues to grow.


This is age is also called as Internet age where you can obtain any information online easily and effortlessly. This Internet is an amazing resource not only for educated people but also for every individual. It is true that we get information not only about good things but also bad things that can harm kids. The internet is also a danger place, especially for kids because here on the Internet it is easy for them to navigate through different websites and that can land them on to the websites which are pornographic or adult content which can ruin life if not monitored their online activities by parents.

Parents should monitor their kids’ activities online. Parents should see what kind of websites they are visiting and how much time they are spending browsing the internet because addiction can make kids to spend much time. This addiction can be effect the future of kids.

There are many ways to monitor the activities of kids online. There is software called computer monitoring software also known as spy software. This software works amazingly in getting the list of every website kid’s visit and kinds of topics they are browsing.

Mobile Messaging & Social Networking Websites:

Kids tend to give complete personal information to websites when they are asked for, even they are not mandatory it’s because of their limited knowledge about internet. This way they end up giving too much personal information. This happens especially on social networking websites where they are exposed to potential danger like sexual abuse and emotional abuse and this happens when they get habituated to chatting to strangers online. According to recent survey kids are now a days spending more time on Whatsapp, Snapchat and Kik messenger which is mobile messaging software. Whatsapp spy software is available now a days for monitoring their mobile messaging apps.


Online banking has become common thing for older teens this because of the less time consumption. If they are not aware of hackers they end up their bank account getting hacked. Parents must be more diligent in monitoring their activities while banking. Parents should start using this spy software and spy gadgets to know how their kids are using their credit cards online. If kids are found misusing their credit cards parents can alert them and show them the right way of using them.

Downloading files:

Kids sometimes have to download some important software online. They just try to visit a website where they can get their software and download it and this where problem arises. They don’t think about the authenticity of the website they visited and this is how they download viruses also along with the software and eventually this virus damage the hard disk.


Internet stalking is one big problem faced mostly by the teenagers in the present world who use internet on regular basis and this happens when they give too much of personal information to a stranger they meet online and posting their picture in the profile or giving mobile numbers. This stalking is done by sending repeated emails and adult content messages and sometimes repeated messages asking for sexual favors. This is how kids get trapped in the web created by some anti social elements in the society.

To prevent kids from above dangers, parents must install computer spy software and they should also use some spy gadgets in their computer. This way parents can get full and detail information about the activities their kids doing online and this can help parents giving them tips about browsing internet and making them experts in safe browsing.

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